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Forthcoming IUCAA Last Friday Talks :
Date & Venue
& Affiliation
 28 June 2024 5:00 PM  E. Christian Herenz " The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample XV. Relating Ionised Gas Kinematics with Lyman-alpha observables" []
  Souradeep Bhattacharya "Understanding stellar populations in thin and thick discs of edge-on galaxies with MUSE - I. The case of the reignited S0 galaxy ESO 544-27" []
  Vaidehi Paliya "A γ-Ray-emitting Collisional Ring Galaxy System in Our Galactic Neighborhood" []

Past IUCAA Last Friday Talks :
Date & Venue
& Affiliation
03 May 2024
5.00 PM
 Gopal Prabhu  "Constraining the abundance of Galactic compact objects with continuous gravitational waves"[]
  Swarnim Shirke "R-modes as a new probe of dark matter in neutron stars" []
   Priyanka Gawade "Neural network prediction of model parameters for strong lensing samples from Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey" []
01 Mar 2024
5:00 PM
Priyanka Gawade "On the feasibility of primordial black hole abundance constraints using lensing parallax of GRBs" []
  Swagat Mishra "New models of Quintessential Inflation featuring plateau and hilltop potentials" []
   Prem Vijay "A self-similar model of galaxy formation and dark halo relaxation" []
25 Jan 2024,  5:00 PM Amit Kumar "Over-abundance of orphan galaxies in the UniverseMachine" []
   Vaidehi Paliya  "Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies in Sloan Digital Sky Survey: a new optical spectroscopic catalogue" and "Hunting Gamma-ray emitting FR0 radio galaxies in wide-field sky surveys"[], []
01 Dec 2023,  5:00 p.m Sukanya Mallik " Role of ionizing background on the non-thermal broadening inferred for the aligned absorbers " [ ]
  Premvijay Velmani " The quasi-adiabatic relaxation of haloes in the IllustrisTNG and EAGLE cosmological simulations " [ ]
27th Oct 2023  5:00 PM Kishore Gopalakrishnan " Mean-field dynamo due to spatiotemporal fluctuations of the turbulent kinetic energy " [ ]
  Nishant Singh
" Turbulent Prandtl number from isotropically forced turbulence " [ ]
  Souradeep Bhattacharya '' On the α/Fe bimodality of the M31 disks '' []
29th Sep 2023  5:00 PM Kanchan Soni
" Obtaining Statistical Significance of Gravitational Wave Signals in Hierarchical Search" [ ]
  Rajendra Prasad Bhatt  " Addressing issues in defining the Love numbers for black holes" [ ]
28th July 2023
5.00 PM
Avinash Tiwari  " Accelerated binary black holes in globular clusters: forecasts and detectability in the era of space-based gravitational-wave detectors " [ ]
  Navin Chaurasiya " Galaxy-dark matter connection of photometric galaxies from the HSC-SSP Survey: Galaxy-galaxy lensing and the halo model "  [ ]
30th May 2023
5.00 PM
Sankalpa Banerjee Modelling and design of ultra-high stable Fabry–Pérot cavity [ ]
  Bikram Pradhan Impact of updated multipole Love numbers and f-Love universal relations in the context of binary neutron stars [ ]
  Anuj Mishra Exploring the Impact of Microlensing on Gravitational Wave Signals: Biases, Population Characteristics, and Prospects for Detection [ ]
26th May 2023
5.00 PM
Chayan Mondal   " Observed UV Continuum Slopes (β) of Galaxies at z = 0.40–0.75 in the GOODS-North Field " [ ]
  Suprovo Ghosh  " Universal relations to measure neutron star properties from targeted r-mode searches"  [ ]
  Sukanya Mallik " Role of ionizing background on the statistics of metal absorbers in hydrodynamical simulations " [ ]
28th April 2023 5:00 pm Shivaraj Kandhasamy " Effects of calibration uncertainties on the detection and parameter estimation of isotropic gravitational-wave backgrounds " [ ]
  Divya Rawat " Detection of X-ray polarized emission and accretion-disk winds with IXPE and NICER in the black-hole X-ray binary 4U 1630-47 "
 [ ]
  Akash Garg " Flux-resolved spectro-polarimetric evolution of the X-ray pulsar Her X-1 using IXPE " [ ]
31  MAR- 2023
5.00 PM
Avinash Tiwari " Waltzing binaries: Probing line-of-sight acceleration of merging compact objects with gravitational waves
 " [ ]
  Sourabh Magare " Gear-up for the Action Replay: Leveraging Lensing for Enhanced Gravitational-Wave Early-Warning
 " [ ]
  Divya Rawat " The comptonizing medium of the black-hole X-ray binary MAXI~J1535−571 through type-C quasi-periodic oscillations " [ ]
27 JAN -2023
 5:00 pm
Swarnim Shirke "Constraining the equation of state of hybrid stars using  recent information from multidisciplinary physics"  []
Divya Rana
"The eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS) -- Splashback radius of X-ray galaxy clusters using galaxies from HSC survey" []
Samanwaya Mukherjee
 "Measuring the horizon parameters to tell apart black holes in a compact binary coalescence" []
     4.00 PM
Kishore Gopalkrishnan  "Magnetic helicity fluxes from triple correlators" []
  Vishal Upendran "Global geomagnetic perturbation forecasting using Deep Learning" []
  Vaidehi Paliya
"TXS 1433+205: The most distant gamma-ray emitting FR II radio galaxy" []
 5:30 PM
Meenakshi Moun "Modelling observable signatures of jet-ISM interaction: thermal emission and gas kinematics" []
  Suprovo Ghosh  "Exploring the effects of Delta Baryons in magnetars" []
 5:30 PM
Tathagata Ghosh "Simultaneous Inference of Neutron Star Equation of State and Hubble Constant with a Population of Merging Neutron Stars" []
  Abhisek Mohapatra "Mapping HI 21-cm in the Klemola 31 group at z = 0.029: emission and absorption towards PKS2020-370" []
  Bhaskar Arya "Lognormal semi-numerical simulations of the Lyman-α forest: comparison with full hydrodynamic simulations" []
    5.30 PM
 Anuj Mishra "Gravitational Lensing of Gravitational Waves: Probability of Microlensing in Galaxy-Scale Lens Population" []
  Bikram Pradhan "General relativistic treatment of f-mode oscillations of hyperonic stars" []
  Aromal P "Coordinated time variability of multi-phase ultra-fast outflows in J132216.25+052446.3" []
      5.30 PM
 Anupreeta More Improved statistic to identify strongly lensed gravitational wave events" []
  Suprovo Ghosh "Multi-physics constraints at different densities to probe nuclear symmetry energy in hyperonic neutron stars" []
   Amit Kumar  "Subaru HSC weak lensing of SDSS redMaPPer cluster satellite galaxies: Empirical upper limit on orphan fractions" []
29- APR-2022
5.30 PM
Souradeep Bhattacharya "Radial oxygen and argon abundance gradients of the thin and thicker disc of Andromeda from planetary nebulae" []
  Yash Bhargava "Probing the shot behaviour in Cygnus X-1 using simultaneous AstroSat-NICER observation" []
  Labanya Kumar Guha  "Host Galaxies of Ultra Strong Mg II absorbers at z~0.5" []
25-FEB-2022 4.30 PM Sapna Mishra "Discovery of a cool, metal-rich gas reservoir in the outskirts of z~0.5 clusters" []

Divya Rawat "Time-resolved spectroscopy on the heartbeat state of GRS 1915+105 using AstroSat" []

Dipanjan Mukherjee "Cold gas removal from the centre of a galaxy by a low-luminosity jet" []
28-JAN-2022 4.30 PM Meenakshi Moun "The extent of ionization in simulations of radio-loud AGNs impacting kpc gas discs" []

Vaishak Prasad "Generalized source multipole moments of dynamical horizons in binary black hole mergers" []
26-NOV-2021 4.30 PM Suprovo Ghosh "Electron Captures and Stability of White Dwarfs" []

Surhud More (1) "Constraints on the cosmic expansion history from GWTC-3" [] and
 (2) "Cosmological inference from the emulator based halo model II: Joint analysis of galaxy-galaxy weak lensing and galaxy clustering from HSC-Y1 and SDSS" []
29-OCT-2021 4.30 PM Yash Bhargava "A timing-based estimate of the spin of the black hole in MAXI J1820+070 "

Ankush Mandal "Impact of relativistic jets on the star formation rate: A turbulence-regulated framework"

Deepali Agarwal "Jointly setting upper limits on multiple components of an anisotropic stochastic gravitational-wave background"
24 -Sep- 2021 4.30 PM Deepali Agarwal "Upper limits on persistent gravitational waves using folded data and the full covariance matrix from Advanced LIGO's first two observing runs"

Bhaskar Biswas "Impact of PREX-II and combined Radio/NICER/XMM-Newton's mass-radius measurement of PSRJ0740+6620 on the dense matter equation of state"

Anuj Mishra "Gravitational Lensing of Gravitational Waves: Effect of Microlens Population in Lensing Galaxies"
03 - SEP-2021 4.30 PM Divya Rana "The Subaru HSC weak lensing mass-observable scaling relations of spectroscopic galaxy groups from the GAMA survey"

Vishal Upendran "On the Impulsive Heating of Quiet Solar Corona"

Suprovo Ghosh "Imposing multi-physics constraints at different densities on the Neutron Star Equation of State"
30th July 2021, 4:30 pm Parisee Shirke "A new measurement of the spin and orbital parameters of the high mass X-ray binary Centaurus X-3 using AstroSat"
[ ]

Sorabh Chhabra "Generalized approach to compensate for low- and high-frequency errors in fast Fourier transform-based phase screen simulations"

John Paice "The evolution of rapid optical/X-ray timing correlations in the initial hard state of MAXI J1820+070"
[ ]
02 - JUL - 2021 4.30 PM Swagat Mishra Curing inflationary degeneracies using reheating predictions and relic gravitational waves
[ ]

Abhishek Rajhans Hydrodynamics of small transient brightenings in Solar corona
28 - MAY - 2021 4.30 PM Souradeep Bhattacharya Tidal tails in the disintegrating open cluster NGC 752 (

Prakash Tripathi AstroSat/UVIT observations of IC4329A (,

Aromal P Correlated time variability of multi-component high velocity outflows in J162122.54+075808.4 (

Debabrata Adak A new approach of estimating the Galactic thermal dust and synchrotron polarized emission template in the microwave bands (
30 - APR -2021 4.30 PM
Dipanjan Mukherjee "Simulating the dynamics and non-thermal emission of relativistic magnetized jets I. Dynamics" []

Savithri H.Ezhikode "Correlation between relativistic reflection fraction and photon index in NuSTAR sample of Seyfert 1 AGN " []
05- Mar - 2021 4.30 PM Siddharth Maharana "WALOP-South: A Four Camera One Shot Imaging Polarimeter for PASIPHAE Survey. Paper I -- Optical Design"

Gulab Devangan "Calibration of AstroSat/UVIT Gratings and Spectral Responses"

Soumavo Ghosh "Fate of stellar bars in minor merger of galaxies"
27 -NOV -2020 4.30 PM Bikram Pradhan "Effect of hyperons on f-mode oscillations in Neutron Stars"

Shreejit Jadhav: "Improving significance of binary black hole mergers in Advanced LIGO data using deep learning: Confirmation of GW151216"
06-NOV -2020 4.30 PM Bhaskar Biswas GW190814: On the properties of the secondary component of the binary

Sayantani Bera Incompleteness Matters Not: Inference of H0 from BBH-galaxy cross-correlations

Shivaraj Kandhasamy Quantum correlations between light and the kilogram-mass mirrors of LIGO
25-SEP-2020 5.30 PM Soumak Maitra Three-and two-point spatial correlations of IGM at z∼2: Cloud based analysis using simulations

Bhaskar Biswas Hint of a tension between Nuclear physics and Astrophysical observations

Prof. Kanak Saha Bar rejuvenation in S0 galaxies?

Vishal Upendran Solar wind prediction using deep learning

Dr.Ramkishor Sharma Gravitational wave generation in a viable scenario of inflationary magnetogenesis
28-AUG-2020 5.30 PM
Dr. Rahul Basu "Periodic Modulation: Newly Emergent Emission Behavior in Pulsars"

Mr. Shalabh "The hyperboloidal numerical evolution of a good-bad-ugly wave equation"

Prof. Gulab C Dewangan "Strong Soft X-Ray Excess in 2015 XMM-Newton Observations of BL Lac OJ 287"

Prof. Ranjeev Misra "On the determination of log-normal flux distributions for astrophysical systems"